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Between weather, COVID and staff shortages, 38 area school buses cancelled today

Check out the list of affected bus routes below

A total of 38 bus routes have been cancelled today by the Sudbury Student Services Consortium, and a number of others are delayed.

Most of the cancelled bus routes, 28 of them, are affected by bus drivers being absent (the consortium said earlier this week this is mostly due to COVID-19 isolation rules).

There are another seven routes that have been cancelled all week due to staff shortages at school bus companies, while three are cancelled (one of them affecting the elementary runs only) because some buses aren’t starting today due to the cold weather conditions. There are also a number of weather-related bus delays.

The bus routes that have been cancelled are as follows:

  • Caused by bus driver absences: L030, L103, L608, L814, L823, L874, N305, N406, N407, N423, NW427, N436, N438, N447, N456, N459, N463, N464, N467, N503, N504, N506, N507, N515, N517, N756, V902 and V908.
  • Caused by staff shortages: L006, L011, L110, L801, L809, L811 and L866.
  • Weather-related: L607, L650, as well as the elementary portion of route L656.