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Drone pilot project to test parcel delivery in Northern Ontario

Drone Delivery Canada will send cargo drones to Moosonee and Moose Factory
Drone Delivery Canada is using its Sparrow drones to deliver packages to Northern Indigenous communities as part of a pilot project to send its drones beyond the line of sight. (Supplied photo)

Drone Delivery Canada (DDC) is sending drones laden with medical supplies, food, automotive parts and general parcels between Moosonee and Moose Factory in a series of ongoing test flights.

In the trials, which will be conducted into October, DDC operators will fly their Sparrow X1000 cargo drone beyond their line of sight on pre-planned flight paths. The Sparrow is capable of carrying up to 10 pounds of payload and flying a few kilometres.

Transport Canada will develop regulations around the flights, and DDC said NAV Canada is “actively supporting this effort.

“We intend to deploy our technology to support remote communities in Canada,” said Tony Di Benedetto, CEO of Drone Delivery Canada, in a Sept. 20 news release.

“DDC has created an innovative logistic solution for outlying communities which experience on-going and difficult infrastructure challenges. To address these challenges, we intend to deploy our technology, with the aim of establishing a ‘railways in the sky’ connecting communities to provide a just in time, cost effective means of delivery.”

The company said it plans to introduce its drones as a cost-effective, efficient logistics solution to aid Canada’s remote communities by improving residents’ lives, creating jobs, and reducing costs.

“Living in Canada’s north comes with challenges,” said Stan Kapashesit, Moose Cree First Nation’s director of economic development.

“We are excited to see the benefits of DDC’s drone delivery solution in our community as a means to help mitigate these challenges, improve logistics, lower costs and bring employment to the region.”

Drone Delivery Canada is headquartered in Vaughan. Its other drone models include the Raven, which is capable of carrying 25 pounds of payload and flying 60 kilometres, and the Condor, which would be able to carrying up to 400 pounds of cargo and travel 150 kilometres.


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