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Eight more COVID-19 cases reported by Public Health Sudbury

Health unit is now monitoring 76 active cases

As Sudbury and the rest of Ontario is about to embark on a 28-day emergency shutdown coupled with a stay-at-home order, Public Health Sudbury and Districts is reporting eight new cases of COVID 19.

This follows Tuesday’s case count which had 13 new local cases, all connected to an outbreak at Amberwood Suites on Regent Street.

Today’s count means there are now 76 active cases being monitored by public health. Since PHSD began its case count last March, there have been 380 confirmed cases of COVID-19, and 304 of those cases have been resolved.

Of the eight new cases reported, seven are listed as being in the Greater Sudbury area and one case is attributed to the wider area of the Sudbury district.

One of the new cases is listed at being the result of a “close contact of a confirmed case” while the other seven are listed as “information pending or missing” .  There were zero cases listed in the category of outbreak.

At the provincial level today, there were 2,961 new COVID-19 cases reported along with 74 deaths.