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Expect to pay 221.9 at most Sudbury gas stations today

The average price of gas in Ontario today is 206.1

Most gas stations in Greater Sudbury are charging 221.9 after a price spike of 14 cents per litre Tuesday, according to

This has brought the price of gas over $2 per litre at every single station in the city. A few stations are still listed as charging 206.9, but those prices were reported yesterday, and may have since changed. As has been the case lately, stations in the northern end of Greater Sudbury (Azilda, Chelmsford and Dowling) are charging significantly less than the rest of the city, or around 213.9.

The most expensive gas in the city is 222.3 at Petro-Canada in Hanmer.

Gas costs 204.9 to 221.9 in Espanola and 205.9 to 209.9 in Sturgeon Falls.

The average price of gas in Ontario today is 206.1. The cheapest gas in the province is 171.0 in Thunder Bay. The most expensive Ontario gas listed on today is 225.0 in Ajax.