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Farrow highlights Grits’ affordability plan

‘Ontario Liberals will remove provincial taxes on prepared foods by increasing the exemption from provincial HST for prepared foods from $4 to $20’
Sudbury Liberal candidate David Farrow. (Supplied)

A Liberal government has a plan to make life more affordable to Ontario residents, Sudbury candidate David Farrow said this week.

If elected, leader Steven Del Duca’s Liberals promise to remove the 8-per-cent provincial HST on prepared food under $20, which will be “fully funded” by a one-per-cent surtax “on companies operating in Ontario whose profits exceed $1 billion a year”, as well as a two-per-cent income tax increase on those with incomes over $500,000 a year. 

“Ontario Liberals will remove provincial taxes on prepared foods by increasing  the exemption from provincial HST for prepared foods from $4 to $20,” said Farrow in a news release.

“With the Ontario Liberal plan, an office worker in downtown Sudbury can head to a local eatery, buy a lunch under $20 and avoid the provincial HST.” 

Farrow also highlighted other aspects of the Liberal platform, including: 

• Provide a child care rebate of $2,750 and a top-up for seniors on OAS of up to $1,000 per year, benefiting almost 250,000 seniors;

• Invest heavily in public transit in cities like Sudbury, including a “buck-a-ride” plan to make encourage increased transit use by making it more affordable  across Ontario, including Ontario Northland, and;

• Reduce provincial gas taxes by 5.7 cents per litre to make life more affordable for families. 

“The last two years have been devastating for Sudbury’s small businesses, and inflation is impacting Sudbury families right now,” said Farrow.

“Doug Ford’s support for big business run by his donor friends and his disastrous pandemic response hit small businesses hardest, especially Ontario’s local  restaurants. Ontario Liberals want to provide some relief for Ontario’s small  businesses, and help them recover by bringing more customers through their doors.”

Farrow’s release also highlighted the Liberals promise to eliminate corporate taxes for small businesses hurt by the pandemic for two years. 


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