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Flood outlook: ‘Significant runoff’ a potential in the next 36 hours

A significant low-pressure system is forecast to bring two to three centimetres of rain in the next 36 hours alongside warmer temperatures throughout the week
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Conservation Sudbury has issued a Flood Outlook message, which is an early notice for the potential for flooding.

The Flood Outlook is expected to remain in effect until 10 a.m. on April 12, and has been sparked by a forecasted two to three centimetres of rain within the next 36 hours and warmer temperatures throughout the week.

In a media release issued by Conservation Sudbury today (April 6), it’s noted that current water levels and flows on all watercourses in the area are elevated but within the seasonal range.

But the significant snowpack left in the upper reaches of area watersheds holds more than 10 centimetres of additional water content that will combine with the abundant rain on the forecast, potentially creating problems.

“The combination of rainfall and snowmelt will produce significant runoff resulting in higher flows and water levels,” according to the release.

Smaller and urbanized water courses such as Junction Creek will react more quickly than larger rivers, while low-lying areas adjacent to watercourses with a history of flooding are likely to be inundated.

On this front, Conservation Sudbury warns people to remain clear of the edges of creeks, rivers and any open body of water for safety reasons.

Conservation Sudbury remains in direct contact with the City of Greater Sudbury and all other partners as required, and will continue to monitor water levels and provide the public with updates as required.

More information can be found online at