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Flood Watch issued for residents along Wanapitei River

Recent rain adds to already river that was already flowing high
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Conservation Sudbury is maintaining a Flood Watch for the Wanapitei River System including Wanapitei Lake.

This statement is effective from 2 p.m. Thursday and remains in effect until 10 a.m. on May 30.

Runoff from the recent rain event has added to the river that was already flowing high, said Conservation Sudbury in a news release. This has resulted in localized flooding along some shoreline sections and certain low-lying areas. 

The water level in Wanapitei Lake remains high with high outflows continuing into the Wanapitei River. The river will remain elevated for some time to come until the peak flow has passed.
Neighbourhoods adjacent to the river in the towns of Wahnapitae and Wanup and waterfront properties on Wanapitei Lake are experiencing shoreline flooding. Elevated water levels, flows and wave action can lead to increased erosion. 

Developing conditions must be closely monitored by all residents, especially those living in known low-lying, hazard areas where overland flooding could become an issue.
“Public safety is the No. 1 priority, especially for children who may be attracted to the edge of creeks or rivers,” stated the press release. “Cold, fast-flowing waters must be avoided. Stream banks will be very slippery and unsafe, and must be avoided.”

Conservation Sudbury remains in direct contact with the City of Greater Sudbury and all other partners as required; staff continues with the monitoring of water levels and updates will be provided as required. 

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