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Flood watch issued for several parts of the city

Conservation Sudbury warns of rising waters along the Vermilion River, Lower Junction Creek and the lower Wanapitei River
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Conservation Sudbury has issued a flood watch for several areas of the city.

The watch has been issued for the Vermilion River in Dowling and Chelmsford, the lower section of Junction Creek, including Mud, Simon and McCharles Lakes, and for the lower Wanapitei River in the Saint Cloud and Wanup areas. 

The conservation authority warns the public to be cautious along all remaining watercourses within the Greater Sudbury watersheds. 

The Flood Watch and Water Safety statement remains in effect until 10 a.m. May 8. 

“Greater Sudbury watersheds received heavy rains over the weekend and significant precipitation is in the forecast for the next five days,” Conservation Sudbury said in a statement.

“Throughout the area water levels were receding after the recent snowmelt, but remained elevated. Flows on watercourses have since picked up and will continue to rise.”

Short, intense rainfall will cause water levels to rise quickly and may overtop the banks again causing localized flooding. The inundation of low-lying areas adjacent to watercourses with a history of flooding is also expected. 

“Properties adjacent to the lower Wanapitei River, lower Junction Creek and  Vermilion River in Dowling are at a higher risk of flooding and occupants should be prepared,” Conservation Sudbury said.

Flood preparedness information can be found here

“Water levels will not decrease rapidly and developing conditions must be closely monitored by all residents, especially those living in known low-lying, hazard areas where overland flooding could  become an issue again.”

Conservation Sudbury said it remains in direct contact with the City of Greater Sudbury and all other partners, and it will continue monitoring water levels, providing updates as needed.