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Gas prices hold steady in the mid 120s

Most stations selling fuel just below $1.25 a litre
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Gas prices across Greater Sudbury are holding steady as we move into Tuesday, at around $1.25 a litre.

As is common, prices tend to be a bit lower in parts of Lively, Chelmsford and Azilda, where you tend to find gas for a few cents cheaper a litre than you would see closer to the core of the city.

Prices out in the areas of Lively, Naughton, and Chelmsford are in the 122.6 to 124.6 range.

The best price closer to downtown is at the Pioneer station at 1050 The Kingsway at Bancroft Drive, where the price is 124.6 a litre.

The average price of gas in Ontario today is 116.2. The Canadian average is slightly higher at 117.3.

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