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Glencore donates $50K to help keep the Sudbury Food Bank running

'The Food Bank continues to make a difference to thousands of families,' says director

Over the last four weeks, the costs to keep the Sudbury Food Bank running have risen to keep up with an increased demand for food. More need has resulted in more frequent deliveries to local food banks.

Dan Xilon, executive director of the Sudbury Food Bank, said recently in an interview that one area food bank, which normally serves 20 people a day, is now serving about 50 people a day, or 220 people per week.

“We are pleased to be able to increase our support to Sudbury Food Bank during this challenging time,” said Rob Roeterink, Sudbury INO’s Strathcona Mill director, who also sits as member of the Food Bank board of directors. “As a long-time partner, we value the work that Sudbury Food Bank does. We witness the incredible community need that the dedicated team and volunteers work to provide for, year over year.

“The Food Bank continues to make a difference to thousands of families in the local community, and the pandemic situation makes the challenge and the need even greater. This is further proof that the work of the Sudbury Food bank is critical, and is at the heart of the Sudbury community. We thank the entire organization for their tireless work.”

The Sudbury Food Bank provides food to 44 food banks, meal providers and agencies throughout Greater Sudbury. Prior to the pandemic, these groups supported 8,000 to 8,500 people per month.

Last week, the Premier of Ontario stated that COVID-19 could affect us for 18 months to two years. The Sudbury Food Bank is going to make every effort to stay in front of the increasing demands on area food banks as the impacts of the slowing economy are felt in Greater Sudbury homes, the press release said.


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