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What do you think of the South End cell tower disguised as a tree?

Rogers, whose tower it is, says the idea is to make the structure fit the area where it is located

A new Rogers cellphone tower in Greater Sudbury is stirring a commotion.

The new tower, erected off Long Lake Road across from Sunnyside Road, isn't your normal tower — at least, not for Sudbury, anyway.

It's sporting branches designed to make the tower look like a tree. It's the first of its kind in Northern Ontario, and although it's a more common sight in southern Ontario, here in the North, it's left many residents asking to whom it belongs.

One resident of Long Lake Road, who chatted with briefly, said the idea is a good one, to help the tower blend in, but it actually sticks out like a sore thumb right now.

Rogers has verified it is indeed their tower. When asked for comment on the tower, the company's reply was rather commercial.

“When determining the locations of our towers, our engineers take into consideration the proximity to communities, the visibility of the tower from passing traffic and existing structures, and the concerns of local residents,” said spokesperson Michelle Kelly, director, media relations, in an email. “As with any potential tower, we work closely with the community and the municipality to make sure the design and location works for them.”

She said she couldn't go into whether there will be similar towers erected in the future.

Construction on the tower started in May, and service will be up this summer.