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'It’s a tribe': Fitness trainer loans out equipment to clients during pandemic

About 40 per cent of Round Two Fitness' clients are postpartum moms 

Empty gyms are a reality during this COVID-19 crisis. 

But Round Two Fitness, a small local newcomer in the fitness scene, is more empty than most.

When the news came that gyms were to close the response from Michelle Medina Munro, owner of Round Two Fitness, was swift. Take my equipment. Go home. We will stay active together.

There wasn’t a moments hesitation at lending out her gym equipment free of charge, said a press release from the business. 

“Why would I leave it sitting in my gym collecting dust?” she said.

“I want my clients to continue to workout during this crisis and the best way I could think of was to eliminate any excuses. I didn’t want equipment to be one of them.:

Kettlebells, dumbbells, resistance bands and slamballs were the most popular items to be borrowed. With these basics clients would be able to keep up the same style of classes they were accustomed to at their loved gym space. 

And while the fitness industry shifted to body weight style workouts, Medina recognized that her clientele, mostly women and roughly 40 per cent postpartum moms, were not all ready for the complexity of body weight workouts. Having equipment was essential.

She also immediately began increasing coaching activities around mindset work. The biggest issue with online training is maintaining accountability. Small groups have been implemented to help clients stay engaged and get their workouts done. 

There are also daily gratitude trains to keep everyone positive during these troubling times. 

Medina has been pulling on her experience as a suicide widow to help her clients cope with the grief emotions they are experiencing during the pandemic. 

Grief experts like David Kessler agree what we are feeling is grief — the loss of normalcy, fear of economic toll, the loss of connection.”

“This group of women have never seen this space as ‘just a gym,'” Medina said.

“It’s always been so much more than that. It’s a tribe and we are like family. Seeing everyone helping each other out is so heartwarming. Even clients who are usually shy online have come out of their shell and are engaged. It’s like magic.”

“I’m so happy that I found Round Two before all this crazy happened in the world,” said client Fiona, a postpartum mom.

“Michelle has lent out equipment and provided workouts to complete at home until we can get back to the gym which is great. 

“Her online group is so much more than just workouts though … it’s gratitude, accountability, live demos, support, and some swearing. We can’t wait to get back but for now we settle for Coach Michelle on TV.”