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Mayor and Zulich pleased with LPAT decision to dismiss KED appeals

Mayor's Christmas wish is for Sudburians to work to build things up rather than tear them down
Greater Sudbury Mayor Brian Bigger and Sudbury Wolves owner Dario Zulich. (File photo)

The Local Planning Appeals Tribunal issued its decision on the Kingsway Entertainment District on Dec. 23, ruling for all appeals to be dismissed.

Greater Sudbury mayor Brian Bigger said that he was pleased with the decision and that it was very much what he expected.

"I'm very pleased with the results of the LPAT and of the Superior Court earlier this year," said Bigger. 

"It's ended up exactly how I felt it would and should end up. In September Superior Court ruled against the appeals and that the approvals for the development were appropriate and today the tribunal dismissed the remaining appeals against the KED. So basically none of the appeals raised against the KED in either Superior Court or the LPAT appeals were valid."

The mayor was happy that another hurdle in developing the Kingsway Entertainment District had been cleared, while also lending credit to council's adherence to procedures in making their decisions.

"We always do what is appropriate and we have naysayers and people have their various motivations to throw things off track, but I'm really pleased, I know that our partners, the casino and the property owner stand committed to the project," said Bigger.

"They continue to invest in the property along with the city and I'm sure that with this new information, it will be brought back to council, it'll be brought back in a public meeting by staff and we'll have the opportunity to discuss the next steps going forward."

Bigger made mention that while this was great news for supporters of the Kingsway Entertainment District, there was plenty of good news for the city's downtown as well.

"Place des Arts will be completed within the next year and we're investing significant dollars in the Junction East, we're going into public consultation for the design of the Junction East project, which is going to be roughly a $100 million investment in our downtown along with the $30 million Place des Arts," said Bigger.

Sudbury Wolves owner and majority partner on the KED project, Dario Zulich, was excited with the news of the LPAT's decision on Wednesday, stating that Christmas has come early for Sudbury.

"This is going to be the gift that keeps on giving for generations," said Zulich. "It's going to create jobs and economic growth for a long time into the future, this is unbelievable news. We are looking forward to working with everyone to make 2021 the best year Greater Sudbury has ever had."

Bigger says that he's not aware of any other appeals of the KED that may be out there and was hopeful that things will continue to move forward.

"Staff worked really hard on this, staff and council have done everything that was appropriate in trying to invest in our community," said Bigger.

"My Christmas wish is that people begin investing in our community in trying to build things up rather than tear things down. Let's move forward and really lead economic recovery out of COVID-19 in the next year or so; this project along with the Junction East will really be a major contribution to that."