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Morning school buses cancelled due to extreme cold weather

The buses will be doing their afternoon runs today

Sudbury Student Services Consortium has announced that transportation is cancelled due to the extreme cold this morning only for its entire service area, including Sudbury, Espanola, Massey and Manitoulin districts.

The buses will be doing their afternoon runs today.

All schools remain open.

"Parents who transport their children to school are reminded that buses will pick them up at the end of the school day," said the consortium.

In addition to weather-related cancellations, the following bus routes are cancelled due to either driver shortages or driver absences:

  • Cancelled due to driver absences: L017, L103, L111, L118, LW254, L365, L608, L618, L850, L874, N307, N407, NW427, N437, N443, N449, N456, N507, N519 and N750.
  • Cancelled this week due to a driver shortage: L114, L807, L815 and L883.