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Northeast geriatric program picks up awards

Regional geriatric program based out of Sudbury awarded twice this fall for its work
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The North East Specialized Geriatric Centre (NESGC) based out of Sudbury picked up two awards this fall.

The NESGC is a regional geriatric program that offers a network of specialized services for older adults experiencing complex health conditions.

The centre was recognized by OntarioMD, a subsidiary of the Ontario Medical Association, with its 2022 Luminary Award for the NESGC’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic and its contributions to digital health in Ontario.

“The COVID Response Team was developed in partnership with City of Greater Sudbury Paramedics to respond to the unique health care needs of older adults during pandemic,” a release on the awards states. “It provided virtual assessments and monitoring to support seniors who had tested positive for COVID-19.”

The partnership allowed older adults to receive medical care in their homes, avoiding the need to visit the hospital or clinics during the pandemic.

“During the pandemic, older adults were often hesitant to go to the hospital as they were fearful of being separated from their spouse, family or primary caregiver,” said Melanie Briscoe, interim director of NESGC, in a news release. “This service allowed a vulnerable population to remain at home with their loved ones as their symptoms and vitals were monitored daily.”

As well, the NESGC was awarded the City of Greater Sudbury’s Community Partnership Award for several endeavours, including its work with the COVID Response Team, its support for the development the Community Paramedicine long-term care program, and its expertise in providing geriatric education and skills development for community paramedics.