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PERSON OF INTEREST: Meet the guy behind the hippest corner in all of Nickel City (video)

Mark Browning's three Kathleen Street shops have helped transform a neighbourhood into one of the city's coolest spots

Welcome to a brand-new episode of's Person of Interest.

So far, we've visited a downtown boutique that was chosen for an incredible Hollywood adventure, and we've met a Juno-nominated Indigenous musician who produced his debut album on his phone.

In this episode, we head to the Donovan which, even today, still has a reputation as one of Sudbury's roughest neighbourhoods.

But, if you actually go down to the Donovan, it doesn't live up to that reputation at all. In fact, it's one of the coolest, most vibrant parts of the city.

And that's due in large part to a triangle of really funky businesses owned by musician Mark Browning including a vinyl record store, a vegan coffee shop and bakery  and a vegan Mexican restaurant.

If you walk along Kathleen Street these days, you almost feel like you're in Brooklyn.

So we caught up with Browning to figure out how he's managed to help transform this once wild part of town into — and we mean no disrespect — a bit of a hipster mecca. Take a look.

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