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Photos: Coniston hit hard by Tuesday’s thunderstorm

High winds brought down trees, broke branches and knocked out power to about 200 people

The June 8 thunderstorm that brought high winds, heavy rain and a good deal of lightning to the city hit the village of Coniston particularly hard.

The storm knocked out power to about 200 people for a couple of hours, but it also kept city crews busy cleaning up debris, broken trees and scattered tree limbs.

A large tree in Centennial park in the small community at Sudbury’s eastern end was broken in half, along with several smaller trees. A tall pine in front of the post office was toppled roots and all, destroying the garden that surrounded it.

Fencing around a construction site was blown down as well. There were no reports of injuries and during a tour of the community by a reporter there was no immediate evidence of significant property damage.


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