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Random Acts of Kindness: Palliative care volunteers are particularly special, so we’re rewarding their kindness today

We surprise the volunteers at Maison McCulloch Hospice with baskets of goods and Tim Hortons

Welcome to the ninth day of’s Random Acts of Kindness, supported by @homeEnergy.

The Maison McCulloch Hospice is dedicated to creating a peaceful and celebratory journey for residents at the end of life. Julie Aubé, the executive director of the Maison McColloch Hospice said the organization provides a variety of programs and services for palliative care. 

“We have everything from supportive care, grief and bereavement for the family members and residents going through the end of life process. We have visiting volunteer services where volunteers go out into the community and provide psycho-social support to people that are ending their journey at home. We also have a community hospice palliative care team. This is a team of physicians and nurses to provide clinical support to people who are again, ending their journey at home.”

The hospice also offers a residential hospice service for people that are three months or less in their palliative journey. 

Each volunteer has their own personal story for providing warmth and comfort to the residents at the hospice. So for today’s act of kindness, we are surprising the volunteers who dedicate a lot of their time and effort to serve others at the hospice, just out of their own good will. 

The Maison McCulloch hospice fundraises more than $1 million each year to provide all the services and programs at no cost. If you would like to donate to the hospice, please visit their website.

Each weekday morning leading up to Christmas, will recognize a deserving person, family or organization with a random act of kindness.

Visit tomorrow morning again for another act of kindness.