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Random Acts of Kindness: Watch as the whole school surprises a beloved office supervisor

Day one of’s 12 days of kindness campaign is finally here!

Welcome to the first day of’s Random Acts of Kindness supported by @homeEnergy.

We are excited to kick off the series with Pat Shewring, also known as Queen Shewring or the mother of Marymount Academy.

When she isn’t working as the office supervisor or baking for staff and students, she volunteers and makes sure to attend every graduation and school concert. Pat cares for each of her students as if they are her own children, she says. 

She has even bought uniforms and prom dresses for students who may not have been able to afford it. So when it was finally time to surprise Queen Shewring with an act of kindness, the whole school decided to show their support. 

Watch as the whole school come together to celebrate this beloved school staff member. 

Each weekday morning leading up to Christmas, will recognize a deserving person, family or organization.

Visit tomorrow morning again for our second act of kindness.