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Random Acts of Kindness: We help a mom with travel expenses between Toronto’s Sick Kids Hospital and Sudbury

Watch as we bring a smile to Emily Zarichney and her four-year-old daughter Lily

Welcome to the fourth day of’s Random Acts of Kindness, supported by @homeEnergy.

Emily Zarichney has been travelling back and forth between Sudbury and Toronto Sick Kids Hospital ever since she gave birth to baby Kane on June 12 this year. 

When Kane was born, he was flown to Sick Kids in Toronto, where he was diagnosed with Apert Syndrome. It is a condition that affects young children.  

Apert Syndrome is a rare genetic condition that can have distinctive features to the skull, face, hands and feet. Most recently, Kane underwent a tracheotomy due to his severely obstructed airway. And he has a few more major surgeries ahead. Despite this, Kane is showing his family how strong he is every day. 

So today, we are surprising Emily and her daughter Lily to make their holidays a little more special. 

A huge thank you again to Diana Derro at the New Sudbury Centre Booster Juice.

Each weekday morning leading up to Christmas, will recognize a deserving person, family or organization.

Visit tomorrow morning again for another act of kindness.