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Rock removal for Dynamic Earth expansion begins today

The work will continue until Feb. 2023 for the Go Deeper project
Dynamic Earth.

Beginning today, Sept. 12, Dynamic Earth will be rocking. With rock removal, that is.  

Science North has officially begun rock removal for the "Go Deeper: New experiences to engage Northern Ontarians in modern mining and critical minerals" project. 

This major expansion and renewal at Dynamic Earth is part of a large project that will create new spaces to showcase modern mining and the future of mining, including the equipment, technology, innovation and new opportunities in the industry.

Excavation operations will continue Monday through Friday until February 2023.

Businesses and homeowners within a determined radius of the site have been notified of the scheduled project and seismic monitoring equipment will be installed at the closest structures to rock removal locations to measure vibration levels and demonstrate they are maintained within guidelines and project specifications.

Dynamic Earth is closed annually to general visitors from September to February, with the exception of its month-long Halloween event in October. During October, rock removal will happen during the day, before visitors are permitted on site for evening activities. Following Halloween operations, Dynamic Earth will remain closed to general visitors until the facility reopens in February 2023.

School groups accessing Dynamic Earth from September 2022 to February 2023 will be notified of safety protocols prior to arriving, upon arrival and one hour before rock removal, and limited to surface level experiences. A warning siren will be sounded prior to blasting initiation and following the completion of each blast.

When completed in 2024, the Go Deeper underground experience will be a chance for visitors to go on a journey underground. 

It will feature a new underground multi-purpose theatre and programming space to host a state-of-the-art multimedia experience. This space will also provide a one-of-a-kind venue available for rental for shows, programming, special events and functions. 

A new modern mining drift will showcase mine environments and real mining equipment; The Big Impact, a visually stunning 3-D mapping rock projection multimedia show will become a signature experience for the renewed underground tour; and a rejuvenated underground tour will follow the central theme of “walking in the footsteps of Sudbury miners” to take visitors through different eras of Sudbury’s mining.

As part of the Go Deeper project, Dynamic Earth will also develop additional experiences including a renewed Vale Chasm elevator show, a hands-on Innovation Gallery and a signature film to be shown in the Epiroc Theatre about Sudbury’s regreening story.

Go Deeper will also be available across the North at the eight Science North partner locations, with interactive exhibits, portable exhibits for festivals and events, Rockhound kits and Bluecoat-led programs for schools in First Nation communities and a digital modern mining game to reach all Northern Ontario audiences virtually. 

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