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Round up your Giant Tiger Lasalle purchase to help keep seniors warm extended to Sept. 10

New Sudbury store pitching in to support 100 seniors
The Keeping Seniors Warm program helps ensure up to 100 local seniors have the proper attire to brave a Northern Ontario winter. (Arron Pickard/

The organizers of the Keeping Seniors Warm want you to know that the annual fundraiser, which helps support 100 seniors with cold weather gear, has been extended for a few days.

Originally set to end Sept. 5, you can continue rounding up your purchase at the Lasalle Boulevard Giant Tiger until the end of the business day on Sept. 10.

Bev Brisco, executive member of the Keep Seniors Warm committee, said the past year has been tough on all fundraisers. 

“It has been a terrible year for fundraising,” Brisco said. “Many people have lost their jobs, it has been a horror show for many, and money is really tight right now. Every dollar is accounted for, and it’s difficult for people to donate even $1 at this point.”

With the Keeping Seniors Warm event scheduled for Nov. 3, the committee has partnered with Giant Tiger on Lasalle Boulevard for a round-up-your purchase event. Until the end of business on Sept. 10, shoppers can choose to round up to the next dollar amount on their purchase, or they can simply make a donation at the cash register.

“We’re hoping and praying that we can get enough money in the bank that we’re able to make sure we can take care of the 100 seniors,” said Brisco. “If we don’t raise enough money, we will have to cut back on the number of seniors we help, and that’s a real difficult situation we don’t want to be in. So it’s important we get the support on this this year.”

Participating seniors are registered through the City of Greater Sudbury. Keeping Seniors Warm is an initiative of the Greater Sudbury Seniors Advisory Panel and seeks to address the need for warm clothing for our winters, as well as isolation for seniors in our community.

More information about the Keeping Seniors Warm event is available on their website. You can also donate to Keeping Seniors Warm at any time. All donations over $10 are eligible for a tax receipt.