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Snowmen lounging on a bench in Bell Park

Have you spotted these snow sculptures hanging out by Ramsey Lake? reader David Hay sent us these photos of a neat snow sculpture found in Bell Park.

In an email to, Hay writes, "By the main beach, Ramsey Lake, Jan. 14. An aspiring artist treated all the walkers and joggers to a fine piece of art, kudos to him or her."

Since Jan. 3, Sudbury has been covered with 46.8 cm of snow, with the bulk of it falling between Jan. 10 and 11, when 23 cm dropped on Greater Sudbury.

Have you seen or built any fun and interesting snow sculptures? Or did you get out to Bell Park recently and catch a glimpse of this pair of snowmen lounging on a bench?

Send us your photos of any cool snow creations you've come across, to [email protected].


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