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Stack Brewing is overflowing and looking for a new home

Shawn Mailloux lets the cat out of the bag as NOHFC doles out more than $1M in grants to local small business today

Stack Brewing has outgrown its location on Kelly Lake Road.

Since it first opened its doors three years ago as a one-man operation, Stack has grown so much — it now boasts a staff of 14 — it needs a bigger location, said owner Shawn Mailloux.

New brewing equipment is also on its way, thanks to a $281,538 Northern Ontario Heritage Fund grant, announced Friday by Sudbury MPP Glenn Thibeault.

“We are out of room, so now I'm trying to find a new location, which is part of the NOHFC grant,” Mailloux said.

The current location has been a “blessing,” he said. It was the proper location in which to launch Stack Brewing, and the plan is to keep it as an offsite production and retail location.

“We have a lot of customers in this area, so they'd like it if we kept a retail location here,” he said.

Expanding to this point would not have been possible without NOHFC funding, Mailloux said. 

“You can only do so much funding a business by yourself. The NOHFC has been a silent investor, so to speak, to help us get from point A to point B.”

Two years ago, Stack Brewing received $125,000 from the NOHFC.

“Stainless steel is not cheap,” he said.

Stack was one of three area businesses to receive NOHFC grants on Friday.

Hard-Line Solutions is receiving $308,000 to acquire new space for an automated assembly line to expand production of printed circuit boards. Expansion is critical to their continued role as a leading supplier of remote and tele-remote controls to the mining industry, said president Walter Siggelow.

A&M Remediation is receiving $438,000 to expand its existing underground waste management, sorting and recycling facility, located at Vale's Creighton Mine.

“As we all know, small businesses are the key to driving our local economy across the north, as they provide opportunities for employment, growth and community engagement,” said Thibeault. “Combined, these three project are expected to create 30 new jobs, and allow for future growth.”