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Sudbury's Health Sciences North hospital has seven separate COVID-19 outbreaks

People with pre-arranged appointments at HSN are being told to stay home if they have a fever, a cough or shortness of breath
Health Sciences North.

Sudbury's Health Sciences North (HSN) hospital is being hit hard by the pandemic.

As of noon on Monday, there are seven separate COVID-19 outbreaks at the hospital, more than have occurred at any other time in the past. All of the seven outbreaks have occurred this month.

At the same time, there are 70 confirmed COVID cases at the HSN, the highest number of confirmed cases ever at the hospital.

The current outbreaks are contained to the South Tower fourth floor (Jan.3), fifth floor (Jan.14) and sixth floor (Jan.21); also in the North Tower sixth floor (Jan.8), fourth floor (Jan.21) and on the seventh floor (Jan.22). HSN said there is also an outbreak at the Addiction Medicine Unit/Daffodil Lodge as of Jan. 21.

It was on Friday that hospital president and CEO Dominic Giroux revealed that HSN had reached a record high of 64 COVID cases that were currently admitted to the hospital.

It was also revealed that HSN had begun a patient transfer process where roughly 20 patients from the hospital were moved out to a long-term care home for temporary care and to free up space at HSN.

Also, 130 medical staff were being redeployed within the hospital to help mitigate the current situation with the high number of COVID patients. 

The HSN website also has a notice regarding anyone with “an appointment” at the hospital, to stay home if they are not well.

"Patients who are scheduled for an appointment at HSN, but have a fever, cough, or shortness of breath are asked not to come to the hospital for their appointment and instead call their clinic to reschedule or make alternative arrangements," said the website.