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Surprise! Taylum's saviour helps family celebrate tot's milestone

It was a 'kidneyversary' for Sudbury toddler who spent years living at Ronald McDonald House
Michelle MacKinnon (centre) donated her kidney to Sudbury tot Taylum Lamoureux last year. She attended his “kidneyversary” party last week. Supplied photo.
It's now been just a little more than a year since three-year-old Sudbury boy Taylum Lamoureux received the most important gift he'll ever get — a new kidney.
The woman who gave Taylum one of her kidneys visited the little boy last week, according to a May 13 post on the “A Tribe for Taylum” Facebook page.
“We got the BIGGEST, most incredibly wonderful surprise today at Taylum's party to celebrate his one year 'kidneyversary,'” said the post by Taylum's mom, Desiree.
“Michelle and her husband Dave showed up and surprised us! I almost passed out, then I ugly cried for about 10 minutes, then I almost passed out again. Our angel, in the flesh. I love her so. There are no words.
“Congratulations my sweet, beautiful, peaceful warrior. We are ever grateful for the blessing that is you, Taylum, and boundlessly thankful to the angel who gave you a chance to live.”
Taylum was born April 10, 2013 with polycistic kidney disease, which caused large cysts to grow on both his kidneys.
He had to be airlifted to Toronto immediately after birth because his kidneys were on the verge of failing.
Doctors removed one of his kidneys after five weeks, and the second after 10.
He needed to be on dialysis on a regular basis for most of his young life, but on May 13, 2015, thanks to a living donor who had been touched by his story, he received a kidney that give him a new chance at life.
Taylum's kidney was donated by Michelle MacKinnon, a woman who understands exactly what the Lamoureuxs' have been through. 
That's because her teenage son David also suffered from kidney disease. MacKinnon was going to donate her kidney to David, but days before the surgery, the teen had a stroke. He passed away in June 2011. 
MacKinnon decided she'd still like to donate her kidney to a family in need. Years later, she came across a post by Desiree Lamoureux about Taylum's situation, and ended up donating her kidney to the tot.
Taylum's family was hoping to be able to connect with MacKinnon over the internet to celebrate the boy's one-year milestone, but the donor shocked everyone by showing up at the family's door in person — making the special event even more special.