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Tea with the editor: We sit down with Wolves owner Dario Zulich

Get to know the man who wants taxpayers to guarantee the loan on his plan to build a massive entertainment complex on The Kingsway editor Mark Gentili recently sat down for tea with Sudbury Wolves owner and True North Strong event centre proponent, Dario Zulich.

Since purchasing the Sudbury Wolves and announcing his desire to build a massive event centre project on The Kingsway with a footprint larger than downtown Sudbury, a lot of ink was spilled on Zulich-related news in 2016.

During their extended chat, Zulich opened up about growing up the child of immigrants in the Donovan, how he got into real estate at 19 while still in university, his work as a developer and builder, and ultimately his desire to build what he's calling an "entertainment district" on The Kingsway in Greater Sudbury — a project he wants Sudbury taxpayers to guarantee the loans for.

The conversation is long, so if you want to skip to the topics that interest you, here’s a list of time stamps to make it a bit easier for you.

0:00:45 Growing up Italian
0:17:30 Purchasing 29 townhouses at the age of 19
0:28:08 First commercial real estate property
0:33:20 TESC
0:47:59 Persistence leads to the purchase of the Sudbury Wolves
1:00:13 True North Strong event centre
1:28:30 Mayor Zulich?

This edition of Tea with the Editor was filmed at Beards Coffee Bar and Bakery on Kathleen Street, sharing one of Sudbury’s coolest corners with Sweet Nothings, Tuco’s Tacos and Cosmic Dave’s. Check them out if you’re ever in the neighbourhood. Thanks a lot to Beards for being such gracious hosts.

Stop by Beards if you're able. They have some pretty delicious vegan baked goods.

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