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These St. Charles kids aren't in a jam, but they did make some in home ec recently

School's food and nutrition classes soon moving on from preserving to soup, cookies and more
St. Charles College students pose for a photo with their delicious jam. Back row, from left, are Jordan Marcoux, Kirsten MacDonald and Zoey Roque. Front row, from left, are Olivia Deni, Rachel Walker, Olivia Dudichum and Chloe Ross. (Supplied)

The St. Charles College food and nutrition classes have recently learned a skill that would have been well known to their great-grandparents.

They transformed berries picked this past summer into preserves.

Under the guidance of teacher Julie Jessop, the students created an assortment of jams for parents, guardians or their lunch sandwiches.

The course is offered to students in grades 9 and 10 and continues with basic meal preparation in grades 11 and 12.

“There is lots planned this semester, with hearty fall meals of soup, chili and roasted chicken and welcoming in the winter months with an assortment of comfort foods such as mac and cheese and amazing Christmas cookies featuring ginger snaps and short breads,” Jessop said.