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Throwback Thursday love edition: Can you name any of these happy couples?

For this special Valentine's Day episode, help us identify these lovely couples from Sudbury's past

On Tuesday, about half of you celebrated Valentine's Day with someone special while the other half took to Facebook and Twitter to complain about Valentine's Day.

Maybe some of you did both.

Well, to mark the romantic occasion, we asked the Greater Sudbury Archives to dig us up some old photos of happy couples from our city's earlier days. And they sent us a bunch. 

But here's the catch — they have no idea who these couples are.

So, maybe you can help. Take a look at this special Valentine's Day episode of's Throwback Thursday and see if you recognize any of these beautiful couples from our city's past.

If you do, contact the City of Greater Sudbury Archives by following this link or call 705-688-3965.

And, of course, tune in next week for another episode of Throwback Thursday in which, this being the year of Canada's 150th Anniversary, we celebrate a little bit of Greater Sudbury's (sometimes romantic) history.