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Video: We play ‘I spy my neighbourhood’ with the Coalition for a Liveable Sudbury

Group introduces fun games for city street guidelines aimed at encouraging folks to explore their neighborhood for a chance to win local prizes

The Coalition for a Liveable Sudbury is challenging Sudburians to walk around their neighborhoods and find out what makes their street complete — and they came up with a couple of games to make it even more fun.

Called “I SPY my neighbourhood”  and “What’s on my street BINGO”, the games aim to encourage neighbours to get to know each out and their neighbourhoods. 

“We hope this will get people thinking about what could and should be on their street and in their

neighbourhood and how that affects their daily life and how they can get around,” said Naomi Grant in a press release. Grant is the chair of the Coalition for a Liveable Sudbury. “Some residents might even be inspired to add something fun to their street like a Little Free Library, or call into the city about an improvement that would make their street safer.” went for a stroll through one neighbourhood with Grant to get a feel for the game and to show you how it’s supposed to work. Click the Play button in the image above to watch.

Both games also come with a chance to win some local prizes. Send a picture of the completed ‘I Spy’ and ‘Bingo’ cards to by Nov. 30 to be entered in a draw.

The choices for the prize draw are the following options: 

  • Your choice of a $100 Sessions gift certificate or 1 month transit pass
  •  A $50 Sessions gift certificate
  •  One of 10 $5 Kuppajo’s gift certificates

School classes can participate and enter to win a class pizza lunch.

Grant hopes this activity will have people of Sudbury thinking about how to improve their neighborhoods and streets. “It’s especially timely for people to be thinking about what makes their street complete because the City will soon be gathering public input for the Complete Streets Guidelines,” Grant said. 

The Coalition for a Liveable Sudbury defines a complete street as streets that work well for everyone: whatever their age, ability or mode of travel. To start the challenge, visit the website here to download the “I SPY My Neighborhood” and “BINGO” card templates.


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