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VILLAGE VIDEO: Never a dull moment when these furry co-workers are on duty

Check out these pets doing what they do best

As many Ontarians continue to work from home and physically distance themselves from others, their pets haven't left their side.

This video is a salute to all the furry co-workers, homework buddies and 'cat'ministrative assistants who are keeping us entertained during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Their antics may make it hard to get work done and we may catch them sleeping on the job from time to time, but these four-legged cuties sure know how to make us smile.

This video is a compilation of images submitted by our readers and Village Media staff. We hope you enjoy!

In the coming weeks, Village Media will be running a series of videos meant to enlighten and/or entertain you while we all go through this period of COVID-19 isolation.

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