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Police: Sudburian charged $750 for hosting a party

Officers were called to a home and found people who did not live there hiding in a bedroom, person charged in ‘complete disregard’ for stay-at-home orders, GSPS said

A Sudbury resident was fined $750 for hosting an illegal gathering and failing to comply with the stay-at-home orders, said Greater Sudbury Police Service today.

Police said they were called to a home due to a suspected party. When officers arrived, the homeowner allowed them to enter. Police said, officers could hear whispers coming from a bedroom and found several people, who did not live at that residence, hiding.

The officers attempted “to educate” the resident on the stay-at-home order, but due to what police described as the homeowner’s “complete disregard” for the legislation, the person was fined $750.

Greater Sudbury Police said there has been an increase in calls for service related to the stay-at-home orders.

Last week, police were called to a motor-vehicle collision involving a driver from Quebec. There was concern that the individual may have travelled to Greater Sudbury after the provincial lockdown and current stay-at-home order came into effect.

An officer contacted the driver and determined that the individual was not in town for an essential reason. The driver was also issued a Provincial Offence Notice for failing to comply.

“In the majority of cases, we have determined that no violations have taken place or that there is some confusion with respect to the new laws,” said GSPS in a news release. “In these cases, our officers will continue to focus on engaging with our community through education, encouraging community members to abide by the current Orders, however, we will continue to use enforcement where warranted.”