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Southern Ontario sledders charged in Sudbury for breaching stay-at-home order

Officers also handed out six POA fines to other snowmobilers

Greater Sudbury Police handed out a few anti-love notes on Valentine’s Day to snowmobilers on various trails.

Officers stopped 58 snowmobiles on Feb. 14 to ensure safe and sober operation, issuing six warnings and six Provincial Offence Act fines as a result.

Furthermore, two people from Wallaceburg who were visiting Sudbury to go sledding during the stay-at-home order were fined under the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act. 

On Feb. 15, CN Police issued several charges at the private crossing at Greens Lake. 

Although there is a lock gate and cement barriers, snowmobilers and individuals ice fishing continue to trespass on this private property to access Greens Lake. Trespassing is not only dangerous, but illegal, police said in a news release.

CN Police would like to remind snowmobile riders to stay away from railway tracks and railway property, said a news release. 

“With the sound of the snowmobile motor combined with reduced visibility, trains can be hard to see and to hear when enjoying the outdoors,” said the news release. “Trains can also take over two kilometres to come to a complete stop.”

Under the Railway Safety Act, trespassing on tracks and railway property is illegal because of the significant risk of injury and death. Trespassers can be charged criminally under the Rail Safety Act, or a fine of $125.

The Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (OFSC) monitors and evaluates trails and prescribed water crossings on their managed trails. Find their interactive trail guide here.

The red trails indicate “unavailable”. That means closed. They are closed for a reason. If caught operating on closed trails, the snowmobile operator can be charged with trespassing even though they have a trail pass.