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6 ways to refresh your bedroom for spring

Follow these easy tips and your bedroom will be your favourite room of all

It’s that time of year we all wait for—the re-emergence of spring!

Let’s celebrate the milder temperatures and lengthening days by bringing some of that joy indoors. A great place to start is the bedroom, which is often thought of as the engine of the home. That’s because it all starts here: having a relaxing haven to retreat to at the end of a busy day and getting a good night’s sleep makes the next day’s energy, positivity and productivity possible.

Here are 6 ways you can refresh your bedroom for spring:

1. Invest in a new mattress

How many years has it been since you bought a new mattress? If it has been 10 years or more, the time has definitely come for a new one. Perhaps you were hoping to refresh your guest bedroom, buy a larger mattress for your growing teen or replace one that has simply seen better days.

The ultra-luxury PT with latex mattress offers superior support and features hyper-cool technology to help keep you comfortable overnight. The ikidz mattress and pillow comes in blue or pink and is an affordable innerspring mattress and pillow set. This firm mattress includes a luxury 4-way hyper-stretch knit cover and high-density support pad.

2. Replace your old pillows

Add getting new pillows to your spring cleaning routine and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have fresh pillows to lay your head down on at night. Those with allergies or sensitivities will love the cotton allergy pillow with its soft, breathable cover; it is made of 100% organic cotton and is ideal for side, back or stomach sleepers. A good memory foam pillow works for all sleep positions. It contours to your head and neck for comfortable alignment and support, which is ideal for helping to relax tense muscles. This also has a hypo-allergenic and anti-microbial bamboo-infused polyester cover.

3. Give your furniture a good cleaning

Now is the time to show your everyday pieces some love. The Excelsior furniture care collection kit is a great way to restore your most-used pieces to their former glory; use it for stain removal and to clean and protect leather, vinyl, wood, glass and hard surfaces throughout the bedroom (and elsewhere in the house). This handy kit includes four microfibre cloths and one sponge, and is sure to become your go-to first-aid kit when your furniture needs a bit of TLC.

4. Display some fresh or faux florals

If, like us, you get excited for the first few flowers of the season: the daffodils, hyacinths, tulips, etc., why not keep a vase of fresh stems within sight? These clear Marcin vases have a seeded finish and a brown rope detail that gives them a light and airy feel. They look especially good in a vintage or modern farmhouse décor style, but are so neutral they would complement any space. The clean, crisp Jayden vases are made of textured white glaze ceramic and come in a set of 3. They look equally good empty or filled, but by all means show them off with some greenery or florals!

If you prefer to go the hassle-free, zero-maintenance route, you’d certainly be hard pressed to tell that these artificial plants aren’t real. They are glossy and green, with great texture and visual interest, and they bring a touch of vibrancy to any room.

5. Swap out your artwork or add in a new piece

Art in the bedroom should be calm, restful and soothing. If your walls are bare, why not add an adornment to warm things up and add interest? This Adline wall art is the perfect touch for an intimate space. The black and white typographical art shares a sweet message and would suit a number of rooms in the home (child’s room, family room), so it can be moved around easily too. This Ananya wall art brings nature to your walls—what could be more relaxing (and romantic) than staring up into a tree canopy in your own bedroom?

Mirrors are a great accessory for bedrooms too, of course. This set of Doniel accent mirrors is elegant artwork all on its own; the antiqued gold tone finish and ultra-mod aesthetic of this pair of sunburst mirrors will add glamour and sparkle to any space.

6. Add in some texture

Baskets add that perfect bit of texture to a room, are a modern accent and are also functional as they can help keep you organized or be used to display items. The Brayton baskets come in a set of two and are affordable, durable and stylish. Use these to store rolled up towels or blankets, to contain an often-used collection of books and magazines, or to hide away other items that you use regularly but don’t want to fuss with organizing too much (yarn and knitting/crochet hooks, craft supplies, journals/notebooks, even cleaning supplies). You could even use them to hold a couple of faux, seasonally appropriate branches, creating a simple yet sophisticated vignette. To keep them clean and dust-free, just use a soft, dry cloth.

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