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Carter’s Charters fishing tips

Get all your gear and get ready for fishing season

Every fishing enthusiast knows that a bad day of fishing is always better than a good day at work. That’s especially true for Carter Natale, 21-year-old owner of Carter’s Charters who is booking fishing charters out of the French River area for all levels of experience.

As a passionate and professional fishing expert, Natale understands there are important steps in preparing for your time on the water regardless of whether you are a veteran on the water or someone just hoping to discover if fishing is something they’ll enjoy.

“I would say the number one thing is respooling your reels to make sure your gear is ready to go with fresh line,” said Natale, who is also part of the team of outdoor experts at Ramakko’s. “You can come into Ramakko’s and we will spool your reels for you and dispose of your old line for recycling.“

The next tip is ensuring your boat’s electronic equipment is fully operational and ready for heavy use during the fishing season. Natale said that means checking all your batteries, testing all electronics including your fish finders, and determining if you need any new upgrades. Come in and see Natale at Ramakko’s and he can go over what you need.

Ensuring you have the proper tools and tackle for your fishing experience is also vital to enjoying a great day fishing. That means everything from catch and release tools, hook cutters, pliers, minnow nets and buckets, to ensuring you have the best clothing to keep you dry and protect you from the elements.

According to Natale, best practices on the water also include being aware of safety and environmental measures designed to eliminate the risks involved in fishing.

“Always make sure your boat is clean before transferring to another lake,” he said. “There are a variety of environmentally friendly weights. Rather than leaving lead at the bottom when snagged up you can use weights made of steel or aluminum. It’s also important to check your personal flotation device to make sure it fits, there’s no tears, and everything is in working order.”

Given the popularity of the sport, it’s important to book early. Not all charters are created equal, and Natale said he caters to all levels of expertise and can customize each charter experience towards the fish you want to target. His service offers a variety of different all-inclusive packages designed to ensure your trip is both productive and educational.

“If you book with us I have all the rods, reels and tackle,” said Natale. “All you have to do is show up with lunch, or we offer a shore lunch depending on the package. It’s a great opportunity for novices to come out, learn about fishing, and see if you like it. It’s a great day for experienced anglers to learn to fish a new area, pick up some new tips, and even some great fishing advice.”

Once you determine you’re ready to tackle fishing, Ramakko’s Source for Adventure offers complete lines of fishing gear and related equipment.

They also have great staff who can answer all your questions to get you ready for fishing season. Connect with Carter’s Charters on Instagram @carterscharters. Or visit Ramakko’s online.