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Cremation: A respectful, affordable choice

As cremation becomes more common, Parklawn Cremation Services discusses why it may be preferable

There are several disposition options after death, including traditional burial, green/natural burial or having the body placed in a crypt or mausoleum. One option that continues to grow in popularity is cremation.

Sudbury Park Lawn Cremation Service provides cremation in addition to traditional burial and memorial services.

John Belfry, manager of Sudbury Park Lawn Cremation Services located at the Parklawn Crematorium in Sudbury, explains why.

“Cost is one of the factors in choosing cremation over burial. Another reason is land scarcity and environmental responsibility. Burials take up more land, but columbarium niches are highly efficient. Columbarium is an upright structure, so it is easy to visit the resting site year round. While graves and ground markers can be covered in snow during the winter, a columbarium remain accessible. Each niche in the structure is designed to hold two sets of ashes. This can be for a husband and wife, or mother and child, for example.”

Park Lawn Cremation Services has options for both pre-arranged cremations and for direct cremation.

Before the cremation takes place, John or another licensed professional picks up the body from the place of death and obtains a permit for the cremation. A medical report and coroners report are also needed before the service can take place. The process from transport to cremation usually takes couple of days.

“Cremation,” says Belfry, “offers the same process as a burial (body removal, reporting, memorialization). However, a cremation costs much less than a burial.”

As with every service, cremation is customized to each family’s needs. Some may want a full memorialization in a chapel, some may make pre-arrangements, and some require a direct cremation. Park Lawn Cremation Services’ professionals are happy to help families choose if cremation is the right choice for them and if so, if it will be part of a funeral, a memorial, direct or celebration of life. The important aspect is to honour the passing appropriately while respecting the family’s budget, lifestyle, faith, culture and identity.

The passing of a loved one is always a difficult time. Park Lawn is happy to meet with families to discuss, respectfully and with compassion, the options for the disposition. Park Lawn professionals understand that cost can – and should – factor into the final decisions and they are happy to offer cremation as an option.

Call John Belfry at 705-675-6732 to learn more, to discuss pre-need arrangements, or whenever the services of caring funeral professionals are needed.