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Evolution of Mr. Lube brand continues

Tire service, general maintenance key to brand success

When a brand is as recognized as Mr. Lube; it is easy to assume that you know what that brand is all about. In the ongoing evolution of the company, however, Mr. Lube has become much more than the go-to place for convenient lube/oil/filter services.

This was particularly evident during two years of the COVID-19 pandemic, when the Sudbury location of Mr. Lube was included as a local essential service. That designation put the local franchise on the front line; meaning ownership and staff had to step up their game to ensure services were consistent and protocols were strictly adhered to.

Thankfully, Mr. Lube head office was fully supportive, according to franchise owner Salim Dedanwala.

“Through a lot of guidance and support from our head office, the Mr. Lube brand was driven to a different level especially during COVID,” said Dedanwala, a proud Mr. Lube franchisee. “Decisions made by the management team had a positive influence in helping us to stay open to serve. They set strict protocols for everyone coming into the shop. And they allowed individual markets to adopt shift patterns for the hours we were open. This was important when we had four or five people down with COVID. Those kinds of flexibilities were very helpful.”

Founded in Canada in 1976, Mr. Lube remains 100 percent Canadian owned while growing to become one of Canada’s largest maintenance service providers.

It’s convenient no-appointment service model has helped build customer loyalty for car and truck owners across the country. According to Dedanwala, one of the biggest factors driving the success of the brand is the speed at which Mr. Lube adapts to changes in the automotive industry.

“Technology is changing, and cars are changing,” said Dedanwala, a local franchise owner based in Sudbury. “We are always looking for ways to adapt and service our customers”

The biggest and most recent change to the Mr. Lube menu of services is the introduction of no-appointment tire services.

“We were always considered as a go-to place for convenient oil service, but one thing that was missing was tire service,” said Dedanwala. “Over the last five or six years the brand has adapted itself to include tire service such that now, we’re called Mr. Lube Plus Tires. Customers can come in on their schedule for seasonal tire changes, purchasing new tires or tire repairs. We’re open late and weekends, so the model that Mr. Lube has showcased continues to work well.”

Dedanwala says that regular visits to Mr. Lube for preventative maintenance is still the best way to extend the life of any vehicle. The fact that Mr. Lube technicians are highly trained to industry standards ensures that his customers can bring any make or model vehicle into the location for service.

With the addition of tire service, Dedanwala said he’s even seeing Teslas’ roll into the bays despite the fact that they don’t require oil changes.

“Oil changes will always remain the core of our business. Routine maintenance is important, as is changing your transmission oil, your coolant, or differential oil for your truck. With the added tire service, we’re seeing Tesla owners in our shop too. I think our customers are aware that our technicians have extensive training. That’s what our brand believes in so we can service all types of vehicles.”

For your next service, visit Mr. Lube at 1813 Regent Street in Sudbury.  Find more details here.