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Experience the thrill of the chill in greater Sudbury’s winter playground

Ramakko’s has all the gear you need no matter what your adventure

Each winter, Northern Ontario becomes an outdoor playground for those who thrive when temperatures drop below zero. In the Greater Sudbury area, winter offers a full season of fun, invigorating, outdoor activity for a variety of tastes.

No one knows outdoor adventure quite like Ramakko’s. Since 1984, Ramakko’s has been outfitting customers with a wide variety of gear made for all kinds of outdoor activity. For those who believe there’s no fun like snow fun, here are just a few of the great things to do outside this winter.


There are 330 lakes in the Greater Sudbury area, which means there are a lot of great options for fishing. Whether you’re on Ramsey or Geneva Lake having a top quality ice hut is the key ingredient to ensuring you have a great time out on the ice.

Once you’re out of the wind and weather it’s time to take out the auger and get to drilling. With a few holes made the only things left to do is experience the thrill of pulling up a big one. Before you set off on your fishing trip, remember that Ramakko’s is well stocked with everything from rods, reels, and lures to ice fishing huts to protect you from wind and weather on your fishing trip.


There are thousands of metres of great trails in the Greater Sudbury area perfectly suited for brisk outdoor hikes. Kivi Park, for example, offers over 480 acres of land to be explored and enjoyed, including a 55.7km trail network.

Winter is a great time for birders as many of the trees are bare, so taking a long nature hike with binoculars and cameras is a great way to see some of the many bird species that prefer to stick around rather than fly south for the winter. Ramakko’s has all kinds of equipment and gadgets to enhance your hiking experiences. The park offers an exceptional outdoor experience for both casual and serious hikers.


Cross-country skiing is a fantastic way to connect with nature, and the Greater Sudbury area has many fantastic cross-country ski areas. There is nothing as serene as cross-country skiing across a fresh groomed trail.

Ramakko’s has a fantastic selection of cross-country skis, poles, and snowshoes to keep you moving all winter long.


Ramakko’s can help you gear up no matter what your outdoor adventure may be. Whether you need winter clothing, cross country skis, snowshoes, boots with winter grips, fishing equipment, or an ice hut, Ramakko’s has it all.

Get everything you need while dealing with knowledgeable staff who can educate you on today’s best gear for outdoor fun and adventure.

Visit Ramakko’s Source for Adventure online here.

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