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Expert advice: The difference between basement waterproofing and core fill

Locally owned business values empowering homeowners to make informed decisions regarding home repairs and maintenance

Benji and Bonnie Dittrich, owners of Benji Dittrich Construction, are the experts you can count on for basement waterproofing, foundation repairs, landscaping and home repairs in Sudbury. The couple have been in business for more than 20 years, so they have seen and helped with every issue around their clients’ homes.

One thing they consistently notice is the growing amount of misinformation between waterproofing and core fill.

“It’s important for people to understand what they need and what they are purchasing,” says Bonnie. “We want homeowners to be informed so they can make informed decisions about their repairs and maintenance.”

To empower homeowners, they are happy to explain the difference between waterproofing and core fill.

“Waterproofing a basement stops water entry from seeping through the foundation walls or through the cold joint. This is done by excavating around the building and applying waterproofing to foundation walls, proper set up of weeping tile, the use of filter cloth and the right fill, and finished with proper grading.

On the other hand, core fill strengthens the foundation because it is used to fill block voids and holes in the cement, which is naturally porous. While core fill (which you will also hear referred to in the industry as cell fill, masonry block fill, mortar pumping or group pumping) does add a small element of water entry protection, that is not its designated purpose. Waterproofing treatment must be added as core fill alone will not completely prevent water penetration.”

Bonnie and Benji know that your home is one of your largest investments; maintaining it protects that investment, especially in a hot real estate market that shows little signs of slowing down. They and their entire team are committed to providing you with a full suite of services, backed by knowledgeable and professional expertise so you can avoid issues with mold, shifting foundations or improperly graded landscaping.

Expect the best service when calling for an assessment or quote. Bonnie says, “We inform our clients and educate them on the issues and the possible solutions – and how to avoid a repeat problem in the future.”

Whether the house is a new build or has years of charm, there is no such thing as a maintenance-free house.

It is when you do preventative maintenance and quickly take care of potential issues that you can reduce the amount of emergency maintenance that will arise.

When you need maintenance on the foundation or have a drainage issue, call Benji Dittrich Construction.

Bonnie concludes, “We know honesty is the best policy and we stand by our work. We are also very invested in, and give back to, our community. We thank our clients for choosing us, your local service provider. We also thank our clients that refer our services and trust us to help maintain their home’s value, and our wonderful team that enjoys making our clients happy.”

To learn more, visit online and on Facebook.