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Learn Battery Electric Vehicle Maintenance at Collège Boréal

Mining industry excited for innovative new training program Spotlight image_College Boreal

Do you work with battery electric vehicles? Are you an electrician, millwright or heavy-duty mechanic?

Maybe you have experience working with original equipment manufacturers or have a basic understanding of mining operations and electrical fundamentals.

Collège Boréal in Sudbury is offering the first-ever course in Battery Electric Vehicle Maintenance. The course begins on February 9 and runs until March 23, 2021. The 40-hour training program will be offered online. It is the first of three parts; the two that follow will be offered in classroom and workshop settings.

The course will allow you to acquire basic knowledge about battery electric vehicles in mining, help you understand the different battery electric vehicles made by various manufacturers, and gain the skills needed to be able to make decisions and maintain safety in a work environment. 

Because it is taught virtually, it is accessible from anywhere. Classes run just two days a week: Tuesdays from 8:30 am – 11:30 am and Fridays from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm. There are no prerequisites for this theoretical introductory course.

For the mining industry to successfully adopt battery electric vehicle technology, they need a workforce that has the skills to operate and maintain the equipment. Investing in their workforce is critical: current employees can be up skilled and new employees can receive quality training. This ensures everyone is equipped with the necessary tools for successful operation and maintenance activities.
“Training courses like this one play an important part in alleviating the skills gap and accelerating the adoption of battery electric vehicles in mining,” says Luke Mahony, the Global Head of Geology, Mine Engineering, Geotechnical and Technology & Innovation, Vale Base Metals. 

The battery electric vehicle segment for mining is expected to experience exponential growth in the coming years. 

“Epiroc is very proud to be a part of the Collège Boréal Battery Electric Vehicle Maintenance Program,” says Shawn Samuels, Product Manager Rocvolt Canada, Epiroc.

The company’s vision is clear. They plan to remain on the leading edge of this technology, with their current Gen2 offering and their plans to have a full range of emission-free vehicles by 2030. 

“With our compatible visions for health and safety, workforce diversity and sustainability, this Collège Boréal initiative will help ensure that Epiroc’s current and future personnel will have the skills required to support the growth of electrification going forward,” he says. 

“Collège Boréal is proud to be the first college to offer training in the maintenance of battery electric vehicles,” says Julie Nadeau, Director of Business Development at the school. “This customized training was developed in collaboration with several partners: businesses that use these vehicles as well as their manufacturers. It will certainly bolster skills and provide a qualified workforce in a field that is increasingly vital for mining companies.” 

The Department of Continuing Education and Corporate Training at the college provides adult learners with training opportunities that are specifically adapted to the needs of the workforce in local communities. 

Continuous skills improvement is the organization’s priority. They offer accessible, diversified and flexible training that meets the demands of the job market. The college is also known for its high job placement rate.

To register for the course, send an email or call 705-560-6673, ext. 2037. 

For more information, visit Collège Boréal. You can also follow the school on Facebook and Twitter.