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Mediheal Mobile Footcare - Empowering the community through compassionate care

"My role is to ensure that everyone has access to the care they deserve.”

It's not always the titles that matter most in healthcare, but the real impact on people's lives. Sachini “Sasha” Hewage, RN, the driving force behind Mediheal Mobile Footcare, exemplifies how a single individual can truly make a difference.

Reflecting on her qualifications, Hewage's focus remains on the people she serves. Certified in wound care and advanced and diabetic foot care, as well as a registered care provider with Bluecross and Veterans Affairs Canada, she admits that while the titles may sound impressive, they're simply a testament to her commitment to giving her patients the best possible care. "It's about making sure I'm doing right by them," she humbly emphasizes.

However, Hewage's journey isn't just a personal one; it's a journey shared with the community she serves. Her mission? To uncover hidden pockets of support for community care. "There's a wealth of resources out there that many are unaware of. My role is to ensure that everyone has access to the care they deserve.”

Hewage's specialization lies in bringing care directly to the doorsteps of those in need. "It's about more than just feet; it's about promoting overall well-being," she explains. Her fully mobile foot care service isn't just a convenient choice; it's a lifeline for individuals who struggle with mobility challenges and are unable to venture out to seek traditional healthcare.


As nursing shortages loom, Hewage's role becomes even more vital. She's been there, stepping in at crucial moments to prevent crises from escalating. "I recall a specific instance where a small intervention made a world of difference, which otherwise would have meant a long hospital stay for the individual," she shares. Well-rounded health care means detecting problems before they become more serious. 

Using her network of fellow doctors, nurse practitioners, and other foot care providers, she acts as a bridge to gaining and maintaining the right kind of care for her patients.  

Looking ahead, Hewage's strategy is simple yet profound: reaching out directly to the community she cares deeply about. "It's about being present where they are and letting them know we're here to help.” As a leader, Hewage has mentored other nurses, helping them to be more effective in their roles and ultimately better care providers. 

Sachini Hewage's journey encapsulates compassion, resilience, and tangible impact. Her legacy surpasses titles; it's found in the lives she's touched and the genuine smiles she's brought back.

For a closer glimpse into the services offered by Mediheal Mobile Footcare, explore their website here.