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Ontario company supporting first responders across Canada

International Safety is a unique Ontario company that supports communities from coast to coast to coast.

The events over the last few years certainly have shined a spotlight on the importance of first responders in our communities.

Behind the scenes, companies like family-owned International Safety in Newmarket support this important work. Their team works hard every day to provide essential products and services that help to keep Canada’s first responders safe.

Providing Vital Products to Essential Service Organizations

International Safety supplies organizations across the country with a huge range of products including eye and face protection, fire prevention gear, first aid products, hearing protection, traffic safety items, and more.

One of theirs areas of specialization is in respiratory and breathing protection. International Safety stocks everything from common N95 masks to highly technical self-contained breathing apparatus.

“There's a spectrum of respiratory protection. We've really carved out our niche and offer hyper-specialized types of respiratory protective equipment. There are a number of big fire departments, both public and private, as well as large energy and mining companies and defense organizations who really rely on us,” explains Austin Ertl, Inside Sales Representative for International Safety. “We have a direct relationship with every fire department in the country, anywhere there's firefighting or a fire department.

He continues, “We also supply closed circuit breathing apparatus, or rebreathers, and the peripheral equipment for work in tunnels across Canada, and specifically in all of the subway tunnels in Ontario from Ottawa to Toronto.”

Unique but Essential Maintenance and Calibration Services

Not only does International Safety provide the products that first responders across the country require to do their jobs safely, but they also offer unique calibration and maintenance services.

They are the only company in the country, and one of only five providers in the world, to offer PosiChek calibration, which ensures that self-contained breathing apparatus and other air-supplied respiratory protective equipment are functioning properly. These are the types of devices that firefighters commonly wear on their backs.

“We take our role as an integral part of Canada’s emergency response infrastructure very seriously. Any time there is a major earthquake, fire, or military engagement, our dedicated team here at International Safety is supporting the efforts of the responders,” says Austin.

Ontario-Made Products Shipping Across the Country

Whenever possible, International Safety chooses to supply the country with Ontario-made or Canadian-made products.

“We are fortunate to work with a number of incredible Ontario companies that manufacture exceptional products,” says Austin. “We are proud to be able to supply organizations all over the country with Ontario-made products.”

To learn more about International Safety, visit their website or check out their engaging content on Instagram and TikTok.