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Protect your foundation and septic from water damage

Sudbury Foundation and Excavation offers expert service

While there are many divergent opinions on the impact of climate change on the day-to-day lives of Canadians, one thing is certain: extreme weather and near record high and low temperatures across the country can have an enormous impact.

Here in Northen Ontario, for example, the cycle of freezing and thawing can have a detrimental effect on home foundations, septic systems, retaining walls and even landscaping. As much as we want to have everlasting faith in the strength and stability of our foundation, the truth is that Mother Nature is relentless when it comes to climate cycles that can be damaging to man-made structures.

“The thawing in the spring allows water to creep into different areas of the foundation where we typically see issues,” said Anthony Davis of Sudbury Foundation and Excavation. “Melting snow, extreme cold, and poor construction can lead to issues in your foundation.”

Sudbury Foundation and Excavation has over 40 years of experience taking care of residential and commercial foundations. Your foundation is the supportive and protective element that keeps your building intact and occupants safe. Anything that compromises the integrity of your foundation should be dealt with immediately, which is why it’s important to look for telltale signs of a problem.

“Look for signs of any moisture coming through the wall, cold spots and any cracks as well,” said Davis. “Cracks are not superficial. They’re usually a sign of some underlying issue.”

Regardless of the extent of damage you might find, the skilled team at Sudbury Foundation and Excavation can help. In extreme cases, they can even lift your house and replace your old, leaky block or poured concrete foundation with a brand new, water-sealed foundation that will add a lifetime of value and protection to your home. They can also help with other additional projects including formwork. They also offer a complete snow removal service designed to eliminate the cause of the problem altogether.

Older cement block basements are more prone to leaking. The annual cycle of freezing and thawing along with any movements in the earth around the foundation can cause cracks or shifts in the block wall. This makes it easier for water to permeate the wall, bringing moisture into your basement and potentially causing mold or other damage.

Your foundation, exterior drainage system, and septic tank play an integral role in maintaining your property. Any deterioration can be cause for concern; however, ignoring signs of water seeping into your home could result in costly problems and compromised your comfort.

For more information, or to have your basement assessed, contact Sudbury Foundation and Excavation at [email protected]. Or call 249 - 651 – 3444.