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Pumpkinferno returns to Dynamic Earth with new tricks and treats

Experience Pumpkinferno from 7-11pm every Friday, Saturday and Sunday in October

Dynamic Earth has been hosting Halloween since it opened in 2003. It wasn’t until 2014 that they transformed what the event looks like and made it a destination as a Halloween attraction for the Sudbury area.

“During the last two weeks of September, we transform our entire facility with lots of fun activities we prepare for our visitors,” says Jennifer Beaudry, Senior Manager at Dynamic Earth.

“The biggest attraction is Pumpkinferno, where we use high-density foam pumpkins designed and sculpted into different sets and thematic sculptures,” adds Beaudry, “We light them up at night and they are absolutely stunning.” It will include the Big Nickel Halloween show, which is projected on the Big Nickel itself.


Pumpkinferno pumpkins are hand-carved by their sister agency, Upper Canada Village where Pumpkinferno started and has expanded to Dynamic Earth and now Fort Henry in Kingston. “Working together with sister agencies is so important for us and keeps us in tune with what we’re each doing so we can promote each other. There’s also that flexibility to be able to trade and switch new sets.”

“The quality of our pumpkins is absolutely amazing, we have 23 thematic sets and this year we are adding three new ones. Some of the themes for the new sets include flowers and trees of Canada and giant windmills. “Creating change is very important as we have many visitors who have made this event a family tradition and we want to be able to offer something new and exciting for them to visit.”

New colours, music, and a few twists can be expected as well. 

The scavenger hunt is a fan favourite and is returning this year. Visitors will have the opportunity to look for specific pumpkins throughout the sets and earn a prize at the end of the Pumpkinferno Trail. Visitors can then enter their names for a chance to win a grand prize, which will be drawn at the close of the Halloween season at Dynamic Earth.

“This event allows us an opportunity to attract a different audience, of course, we do have our loyal science centre visitors but we hope to also attract visitors that may not typically visit. This gives us the opportunity to teach and showcase some of our regular exhibits and hopefully entices them to visit during our regular season as well. Of course, we do have our loyal science centre visitors but we’re hoping that others will come and look around that otherwise wouldn't.” Dynamic Earth has been enhanced with Halloween activities including themed speciality shows and more. These Halloween changes also include the Bug Bistro where visitors can taste a different kind of cricket or mealworm – “they are nicely flavoured; BBQ is a favourite.” 

Will the Tunnel of Terror be back this year?

In the past, the Tunnel of Terror event, where visitors would be taken 22 metres (7 stories) underground, was a definite favourite.

“Fortunately and unfortunately due to construction for our Go Deeper project, we will not be offering our Tunnel of Terror haunted mine experience as we are expanding. In 2024, we will be opening a new drift and multifunctional space underground that will also feature the new Big Impact show,  says Beaudry, “We just started blasting; It's quite exciting and we are looking forward to sharing these changes that will help us better showcase modern mining and mining of the future.”

Visitors will also be able to experience the live science show on the outside trail. “There will be three timed shows in the evenings. We’re incorporating what we do best – which is science – but tying in cool Halloween facts, and some big ‘wows.’”

“We also have the Haunted Maze that we will be bringing back by popular demand. It’s a fun maze and big enough so no one gets scared; it’s a very family-friendly experience. It’s different than our full-on underground haunt, but is sure to have the whole family excited to participate.”

Pumpkinferno will be open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening from 7 pm to 11 pm for the month of October.

“We highly encourage pre-purchased tickets to avoid any disappointment getting in at your desired time. It’s an evening event so the darker it gets the more beautiful the trail is. We appreciate and understand that our younger visitors might not make it later in the evening which is why we open at 7 pm, but I definitely encourage a visit after dark, the pumpkins are just so beautiful when you can see all the lights shining through.”

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