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Simple ways to make a small space feel larger

Tips to ensure your home has an open, airy and spacious feeling, regardless of the square footage

Anyone can have a space that feels open and welcoming, and a massive home with giant rooms aren’t prerequisites.

It’s more about the way you style the space you already have. Even if your rooms have a modest footprint, these tips can help make any space feel larger.

Top 3 tips:

  • Use a lighter colour palette
  • Display fewer pieces overall
  • Keep surfaces free of clutter

Lighter hues promote a sense of spaciousness and calm. That’s not to say you have to stay away from colour—just stick to the lighter shades of the colours you love.

Starting with your wall colour is smart, as your walls have the most surface area and create the greatest visual impact in any room. If you don’t feel up to repainting, consider hanging (or leaning) a piece of art that features lighter shades. The Griffner is a peaceful portrait of longhorn cows roaming the countryside. This lovely gallery-wrapped canvas has a subtle sepia tone to it that suits both a casual and farmhouse aesthetic.

If you have darker flooring, consider adding a lighter hued rug. The Haddam area rug is a mix of cream, gray and blue, done with a faux rabbit fur texture. It has an abstract design that adds interest to your space without commanding too much attention. Abstract designs help keep the eye moving and work wonderfully in spaces of all sizes. The Abanish rug is another excellent option; it is hand-tufted in a gray and cream mix that features a faux-faded botanical design. It is elegant and understated—the perfect way to lighten things up while also adding sophistication.

If your sofa or accent chairs are mid-toned or darker, brighten the overall look with some throw pillows or an artfully draped blanket. The Liviah accent pillow is a mix of tan, cream and gray. The diamond pattern and combination of textures gives this hand-woven piece a distinctly modern feel. The decadent Rowcher pillow is irresistibly touchable; you’ll love the inviting texture of the bold stripe on this gray and white accent.

The Rozelle throw blanket is a gorgeous bright white with a subtle silver metallic trim and fringed ends. All three of these accessories work well year-round.

Mirrors help bounce light around a room and make it feel more open and spacious. The Brocky accent mirror has a thick metal frame with a simple white finish, making it a modern piece that would look great anywhere.

Extend this approach to the smallest accents as well. Use a vase to brighten a corner or a tabletop; you can leave it empty or fill it with fresh or dried flowers. These Marcin vases don’t add any visual weight thanks to their sheer, transparent nature, but the glass adds sparkle and the seeded finish lends some texture. Stylists love using these to add a vintage or modern farmhouse touch; add a sprig of faux cotton or something equally visually lightweight for some added style that doesn’t take up a lot of space.

Avoiding clutter is essential when creating a space that feels larger. Try not to overstuff your rooms with pieces of furniture. Instead, opt for fewer pieces that feel a bit more substantial but won’t overwhelm your space. Always ensure there is enough room to circulate comfortably and keep your floors as free as you can.

Finally, do your best to keep things tidy. If you can keep most surfaces throughout your home clutter-free it will add a sense of peace and order. Use baskets or trays to corral loose bits and pieces, and group like things together to make it look more intentional. Use the Posy tray to gather your keys, wallet and sunglasses in one place or the Adria tray on a kitchen countertop or as part of an elegant tablescape.

Whatever you already have can be tweaked and arranged to work well with the addition of a few softer-hued accents. There is beauty in the mix, so don’t be afraid to express your own personal style through your décor. Have fun experimenting!

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