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Unlock your true style at "A Cutting Edge Hair Studio"

Connect with A Cutting Edge for dramatic transformations or to maintain your preferred style

Located conveniently on Lasalle Boulevard near the New Sudbury shopping center, "A Cutting Edge Hair Studio" offers a comforting sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of the area.

With an atmosphere where clients can comfortably express themselves and feel confident that their unique personalities will shine through their hair transformations, "A Cutting Edge Hair Studio" prides itself on being a safe and inclusive place for everyone, regardless of gender or style preferences.

Each client's individuality is respected and embraced; whether they are looking for a dramatic transformation or to maintain their unique style, the studio enjoys the challenge of a creative new colour but also respects the beauty in simplicity and the power of a well-maintained look.

The salon owner, Alexandria Gervais, officially entered the industry in 2015. However, her connection with A Cutting Edge started much earlier, when she was a young girl creating avant-garde hairstyles on the mannequins while her mother had her hair done by the previous owner.

The studio remained close to her heart and inspired her to follow her true calling: To use her natural creativity to help others feel beautiful inside and out. Gervais also participated in an exclusive program this April in London, England, taught by experts in fabricating and customizing wigs and hairpieces.

Wigs are a fantastic way to regain confidence after experiencing hair loss; wear a colour that would otherwise be out of budget to maintain or sport a bolder style without commitment. She looks forward to using the skills she will learn there to make more custom hair designs attainable for clients regardless of their natural hair or the upkeep that would generally be necessary.

The studio takes pride in offering various services, such as precision hair cutting, creative coloring, and luxurious extensions, to better meet each individual's needs.

The salon offers a peaceful and comfortable space, bathed in the warmth of natural light and adorned with plant life for an added healing touch. The main focus is on creating a personalized experience, ensuring each client receives the attention and care they deserve.

The salon operates by appointment only, minimizing the noise and disruptions often found in larger establishments.

For more information or to book your appointment online, you can use the seamless self-scheduling program on their website,, or call/text the salon at 705-524-7735 to set up a time to learn more about the salon and its services.