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Your child will discover a summer of fun, friendships, and unforgettable memories at Laurentian University’s 2024 Summer Camps

Campers will explore, learn, and grow with their camp counsellors in a safe and inspiring environment

Laurentian University’s Summer Camps are more than just a way to keep your children entertained during the summer; they are an exciting blend of fun activities, educational experiences, and personal growth for children.

There is a wide range of activities to meet every child’s interest and ability, while encouraging them to try new things. Jean Benoit, Summer Camps Coordinator says, “Our programs are flexible, and we blend all activities so that kids can enjoy a variety of indoor sports and outdoor activities. Another benefit for the children is newfound friendships with children from other schools and communities.”

Children are placed with others in their own age group, so they have the chance to bond.

2024 Voyageur Summer Camps

This camp features the best outdoor amenities the North has to offer and an array of experiences that your child will never forget. Your child will have the opportunity to learn a sport or refine their sporting skills in soccer, basketball, floor hockey, track and much more.

Benoit says, “Laurentian university is surrounded by three lakes, a beach, and more than a dozen hiking trails. Indoors, we have access to three different gyms, an indoor rock wall and an auditorium for movie day. We can utilize the university’s wonderful campus and amenities for our summer camps.”


There is an opportunity for older children to go fishing. Once a week campers will go to Nepawhin Beach for Beach Day and to add to the fun, each week is highlighted by a special theme, such as Pokemon, Olympics, the Caribbean.

  • Ages: 6 to 11 years
  • All camps run from 9am to 4pm. Kids can be dropped off at 8am and picked up at 5pm.
  • Camps begin the week of July 1st and run until August 30th.
  • Price: $260


Voyageur Challenge Course

One of the most exciting elements of the Voyageur Summer Camps is the Challenge Course, featuring a 50’ high climbing Tango Tower that includes 13 different climbing routes as well as the popular Giant Swing. The Challenge Course encourages campers to step out of their comfort zone where they are celebrated and supported by ACCT certified facilitators.


Jean Benoit did his master’s thesis on Challenge Course Programming at Canadian Universities. He says, “Research shows that kids participating in a challenge course setting experience a boost in their self-esteem and ability to complete everyday challenges with confidence.” The children decide how high they’re willing to climb. Benoit adds, “They get to decide how high they want to go and push their limits and when the kids are put in challenging situations, that’s where you see the growth. The kids are encouraged to climb to their top. It’s only a positive experience.”

The Giant Swing is a tandem swing where the child decides how high they want to go. Conquering the Challenge Course also builds bonds with others. Safety is the top priority. Benoit says, “Our facilitators on the Challenge Course undergo a rigorous 4-day training session and a third party comes in to verify their skills.”

2024 Mini Voyageur Camp

The Mini Voyageur Camp targets children who are 4 and 5 years old. The camp is a blend of outdoor adventures and indoor fun to develop fine motor skills, teamwork, and creativity. Activities include arts and crafts, basic sports, and games.


Benoit says, “The younger kids have their own challenge course in field games. They will play on low ropes, a balance beam, go through a spider’s web, which will also help build self-esteem and communications skills. More importantly, your child will come home tired and want to go to bed early."

  • Camps run weekly from July 1st to August 30th.
  • Price: $260

Safety first

To ensure your child enjoys exciting activities while feeling secure, safety is a top priority at Laurentian Summer Camps.

Benoit says, “Camp counsellors undergo two weeks of intensive training in areas such as risk management, the challenge course, emergency procedures and hazardous materials, before they attend camp. We have teachers from the School of Education to advise counsellors on how to deal with kids who may be disruptive.”

Counsellor training ensures a positive and safe experience, so that your child can expend their energy while truly enjoying the summer activities and games.

Basketball Camp

Led by Laurentian University Voyageurs basketball varsity coaches and student athletes, this camp will ensure a week of sporting development and fun. Benoit says, “If basketball is a sport your child likes the camps can help them build fundamental skills and give them the confidence to keep playing and grow their love for the sport.”


With age- appropriate skill work, coaches guide the players through drills, games, and exercises that focus on the fundamentals of ball handling, passing, shooting, and defense.

Whether your camper is new to basketball or looking to take the next big step in their development, Voyageurs Basketball Camps are the best way to engage their love of the game and equip them to achieve their goals.

Basketball camp is appropriate for boys and girls of all skill levels. They can sign up with a friend or make new friends. Campers will have a choice of outdoor activities to recharge daily.

All skill levels over the age of 8 are welcome.

Building Community Volunteer Hours

Laurentian University Summer Camps are a great way for high school students to gain in-field experience while building community volunteer hours.

Jean Benoit says, “Each volunteer is paired with a camp counsellor in an area in which they are interested. Often students who initially come as volunteers are invited back in a paid camp counsellor position.” For more information on volunteering email: [email protected]

An Enriching Experience

The shared experiences and adventures at Laurentian University’s Summer Camps help shape a child’s personal growth while creating wonderful memories, newfound confidence, and lifelong skills.

To register your child please call (705) 673-6573. Discover what Laurentian University Summer Camps has to offer visit them online here.