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I Was Just Wondering: Do you clean up leaves in spring and fall?

If Finn the Griffon stays really still, he can blend in so well in piles of leaves that his mother can't see him!
Finn,'s favourite Griffon, has an important question for readers this week regarding spring and fall leaves cleanup.

Do you do a spring and fall leaves clean up in your yard?

Our yard gets full of leaves and pine needles. On a windy day, it looks like it’s snowing leaves. It looks quite beautiful… for a while, anyway.

I like them because they smell interesting and are great colours. I like hiding in them, also. I stand really still and I blend in so well that my mom does not see me.  Hahaha!

I find this very amusing, but my mom, not so much.  

My mom tells me she used to do all the yard work herself, and it was such a great reason to be outside to get some fresh air and exercise, but now, (I’m whispering this so I don’t upset her) since she is getting older, she has friends who come and help her with this chore.   

The yard does look very neat and tidy once the job is done.

So, I was just wondering, do you do this chore in the Spring and in the Fall, just once a year, or at all?

“I Was Just Wondering” is a Sunday feature on from Finn, a Brussels griffon breed of dog, and his “mom”, Jaana Pirnes. Come back next week to see what Finn is up to. Got a question for Finn? You can email him at [email protected].



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