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I Was Just Wondering: Should we share Valentine’s love every day?

Finn ponders humans and their penchant for sharing flowers, chocolates and smooching this time of year
Finn the Griffin is pondering Valentine's Day.

Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?

I’ve seen flowers, chocolates and a lot of smooching and hugging over the years, on February 14 

I’ve heard some people propose steady relationships or marriage on this special day. Gift jewellery and go dancing! Wonderful.  

I’m going to cash in on this tradition. I know I can’t have chocolate and I don’t really care for the flowers (can’t eat them); however, other snacks and hugging are always welcome.

From my perspective, it seems there is more hardship these days and we all know love and kindness is such good medicine.

So I was wondering if it would be a good idea to share more of the Valentine’s Day love throughout the rest of the year, or is it best to save it for Valentine’s Day, so February 14 does not lose specialness?

“I Was Just Wondering” is a Sunday feature on from Finn, a Brussels griffon breed of dog, and his “mom,” Jaana Pirnes. Come back next week to see what Finn is up to. Got a question for Finn? You can email him at [email protected].



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