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Letter: Carol Mulligan was my friend, says MPP Jamie West

Sudbuy MPP shares his memories of one of the city's most respected journalists

Like many Sudburians, I first got to know Carol Mulligan by reading her byline at the end of the many excellent articles she wrote for The Sudbury Star. 

However, over the past 10 years, I was fortunate to have had many opportunities to get to know her as more than an award-winning journalist. 

Carol Mulligan was my friend. 

Above all else, Carol was a journalist – even in her off-time. I can scarcely remember a time when she wasn’t scribbling in her ever-present notebook.

Her handwriting was large, with dramatic loops that were completely illegible to me. She once told me that, even when not reporting, her notes helped her to better-appreciate what was being said during events. 

Personally, I’ve always believed this was because Carol enjoyed reporting more than anything else. As every Sudburian knows, Carol’s had a long, impressive career as a journalist. And, let’s face it, even when she retired, she never really retired. 

At the root of this, I believe, was that Carol was someone who cared. Carol Mulligan cared about our city; the people who lived here; and, the stories they had to tell. She cared about the details and loved to ask questions that allowed her to share a larger, more-informative story with the rest of Sudbury. 

Along with being an amazing journalist, Carol was a wonderful candidate who competed with Beth Mairs and I to be the 2018 Ontario NDP candidate for the Riding of Sudbury. Her slogan was ‘Everyone deserves a Mulligan.’ I couldn’t agree more. 

I was lucky to have known Carol as a journalist and as a friend. 

My very sincere condolences to her many friends and to her family. 

Jamie West
MPP, Sudbury